School & Sports Physicals in Oak Park, MI

Oak Park Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinic Provides School, Sports and Camp Physicals. Be served promptly and leave with completed physical forms from a board-certified doctor. Call us today for more information at (248) 398-4000.

School & Sports Physicals - Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic in Oak Park, MI
School & Sports Physicals - Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic in Oak Park, MI

If you have moved to the Oak Park area with children, they will likely need a medical physical before they can enroll in school. Being new to the area, it is very unlikely you have a primary care physician available. Becoming a new patient often means waiting weeks before their schedule can open to serve you. Oak Park Urgent Care Center is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year to administer thorough medical physicals for you and your children. No appointment is ever needed and our extended weekday hours and weekend hours makes it very convenient for you to visit our medical facility. Simply walk in with the necessary forms and in most cases, leave with completed paperwork.

To enroll into a new school district, children must have their immunizations up to date. Our walk-in medical facility keeps all the necessary vaccines in stock to bring your child up to current requirements. When visiting our facility, please bring your current immunization records so we can determine what is needed to bring them up to date.

A physical is almost always required when participating in sports, regardless if you are a child or an adult. These thorough medical exams screen for any underlining or even undiagnosed issues that could pose as a threat to your health if you are participating. An exam by one of our board certified physicians will help keep you safe. If there are any medical concerns, we’ll work with you to alleviate or manage them if possible.

Another activity that requires a physical, is going to camp. While this incredible experience is a lot of fun, a physical is needed to ensure you or your child is safe in this environment. The forms will inform those running the facility about any medical concerns, such as allergic reactions to certain foods, bugs, or plants. This way the camp directors can keep you or your children safe in an environment they are not used to being in.

Regardless if you need a physical for sports, school, or camp, many parents have trouble in scheduling a convenient time to bring their children to their primary care doctor. Why is that? Bottlenecks generally develop at a doctor’s office a month or so from the start of a school year, sport season, or camp. Everyone is trying to get their physical in at the same time, which may force you to take a day off from work for this exam. Instead of taking a vacation day, stop by our medical facility when it is convenient for you. We can give you any of these physicals with no appointment needed.

Oak Park Urgent Care accepts most major insurances. Visit our insurance page to see the list of carriers we currently work with. Don’t see your insurance listed? Call us today at (248)-398-4000 and we’ll do our best to research what options are available for you. Are you currently uninsured? Ask about our discounted self-pay rates. We look forward to serving you.