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Urgent Care in Berkley, MI

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Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic in Berkley, MI

When you have to see the doctor, you have to make an appointment for a week or more out. Once you get there, you have to sit in the waiting room. And then you have to wait again in the doctor’s office. This isn’t always such a hassle, but it can be when you want to get better quickly.

It can also be a hassle when you go to the emergency room (ER) for a minor ailment and have to wait for service. The ER places you on a lower priority list because your ailment is not life threatening, so you have to wait for service.

In these instances, you’ll be wishing you went to an urgent care clinic instead. These clinics are the perfect option for when your illness or injury is minor, but you still want prompt treatment. Here at Oak Park Urgent Care, we’re a great choice for patients in the Berkley MI area.

What are the other advantages of going to an urgent care clinic?

Urgent care clinics, like Oak Park Urgent Care, offer convenient, comprehensive service. It’s convenient because it’s walk-in service, without the need for an appointment, and without typical wait times. It’s comprehensive because you can receive testing and treatment for most common ailments. There are lots of additional reasons to go to an urgent care clinic!

Urgent care clinics offer pretty much the same services your doctor offers. For example, these clinics can provide physicals, just like your doctor can, but they can also provide x-rays, like the ER can. All this makes urgent cares a preference for many patients. Remember, though, that if your condition is life threatening, only the ER is completely equipped to treat you.

What services do you provide at Oak Park Urgent Care?

Our patients appreciate that we’re able to treat most minor ailments. And for those ailments that aren’t so common, we have an in-house laboratory to help us with diagnosis. Some of the ailments we’re able to diagnose and treat include colds, flu, minor fractures, minor infections, common illnesses, STDs, allergies, allergic reactions, and others.

We provide much more than diagnosis and treatment, however. As an urgent care provider, we also offer primary care, occupational medicine, pediatric care, geriatric care, men’s wellness services, women’s wellness services, annual and situational physical exams, vaccinations, allergy testing, and even EKGs.

Or maybe you’d just like some simple advice on how to take care of your family’s health needs? We can provide that too, here at Oak Park Urgent Care. So if you need comprehensive urgent care near Berkley MI, come see us.

Why should I go to Oak Park Urgent Care over other providers?

There are plenty of reasons to come see us instead. For one, our staff are board-certified with our 50 years of combined experience. Also, because we’re so dedicated to your family’s wellbeing, we offer extended hours of operation, and we’re open 365 days a year, including holidays!

Additionally, our clinic has been approved by all Michigan State Medicaid programs, and we work with many healthcare providers out there to ensure you are covered for your visit with us. In the spirit of providing healthcare that’s accessible to everyone, we have a special offer for our patients who don’t have insurance. Simply check out our specials page or call our office for more information.

How can I get urgent care near Berkley, MI?

Come visit us at Oak Park Urgent Care! You’ll find us at 24661 Coolidge Hwy Oak Park, MI, 48237. We’re across the street from Parkwoods Plaza shopping center, and just south of exit 14 on the Walter P. Reuther Freeway. On the Coolidge Highway, turn right into our lot just after the traffic light.

We’re open late for you and your family 365 days a year! Come see us for accessible, affordable health care in Berkley. We look forward to your visit here at Oak Park Urgent Care!


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