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Urgent Care in Hazel Park, MI

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Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic in Hazel Park, MI

Urgent care can be a wonderful convenience. It’s about on-the-spot service to get you out the door quickly and feeling better fast. It’s also very affordable. There are a number of reasons to consider urgent care over the alternatives, and here at Oak Park Urgent Care, there are a number of reasons to consider us over other clinics that offer urgent care near Hazel Park, MI.

Why should I go to an urgent care clinic instead of the doctor or the ER?

Urgent care is all about accessible, affordable care for common, minor conditions. You might be thinking that this is what the doctor is for, but the doctor isn’t necessarily easily accessible. Sometimes, you’ll have to book an appointment for weeks ahead.

The ER is absolutely necessary if your condition could be life threatening, but it isn’t necessary if your condition isn’t life threatening. If your ailment is a minor one, then going to the ER can be expensive.

The accessible and affordable alternative is an urgent care clinic, like ours here at Oak Park Urgent Care. Our clinic is also an excellent choice over other clinics in the area!

Why would I choose your clinic over other clinics in Hazel Park, MI?

For starters, our professionals have over 50 years of combined experience in urgent care for adults, children, and seniors. Also, we’re so dedicated to your wellbeing that we offer extended hours, and we’re open each and every day of the year, including holidays.

On top of that, our clinic is approved by all Michigan State Medicaid programs, as well as Medicare, Tricare, HAP, Blue Cross, and many other programs and providers.

What services do you provide at Oak Park Urgent Care?

We offer convenient, comprehensive care for you and your family members. Some of the many onsite, on-the-spot services we offer include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Adult, pediatric, and geriatric urgent care
  • Primary care services
  • Checkups or full physicals, including annual physicals
  • Employer services, such as drug testing
  • Immunizations/vaccinations
  • Treatment for joint and ankle injuries
  • Treatment for colds or the flu
  • STD testing
  • Allergy tests, or treatment for mild allergic reactions
  • Assistance with respiratory issues
  • Lab testing for illnesses and infections
  • X-rays
  • EKGs
  • General health advice and support
  • And more

How affordable are your services at Oak Park Urgent Care?

Most urgent care clinics offer services at an average price of $150, not including insurance. Here at Oak Park Urgent Care, our prices also vary, so please call us at (248) 398-4000 to learn more about our pricing. There could be additional costs if you require further treatment or any prescription medication. With insurance, costs are often much less. Regardless, our services here at Oak Park Urgent Care are easily accessible and affordable.

Do you offer urgent care near Hazel Park, MI?

Our clinic doors are open for patients in the Hazel Park area and beyond. We are located at 24661 Coolidge Hwy Oak Park, MI, 48237 for your convenience. Appointments aren’t required, so we welcome you to come visit us for service! We’re open 7 days a week, with extended hours into the late evening. We look forward to meeting you here at Oak Park Urgent Care!


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